Candle Making In Norfolk

Norfolk Candles

Norfolk is a big part of Pascoe Candles. It's where we live and it's where our candle making journey began, on the kitchen hob of our home on Pascoe Drive. 

How Has Norfolk Impacted Our Range?

Home to one of the UK's best nature reserves and of course, the iconic Norfolk Broads, there's lots of inspiration for fragrances, which we hope to bring to our range shortly!

With the beautiful countryside all around us, living and making candles in Norfolk really inspired us to use natural and eco-friendly ingredients, including rapeseed which can be found blooming in the fields throughout the summer.


Winterton Dunes In Norfolk


I remember many long dog walks down the famous Winterton Dunes, coming up with ideas for our candles, from the name, packaging and branding. It was all designed to be as eco-friendly as possible in the hopes that the beautiful scenery and nature around us would still be here in many years to come.

Having grown up on the Norfolk coast, we were surrounded by nature from a young age which turned us into the nature and animal lovers that we are today, while making us very aware of the environmental issues going on in the world.

As a result, we aim to help as much as we can through initiatives such as our 'one tree planted with every order' and charity donations.


The Norfolk Broads


We're so grateful to be based in such a beautiful part of the UK and proud of how it has helped mould and shape Pascoe Candles.







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