One Tree Planted With Every Order

We launched Pascoe Candles because we wanted to create home fragrances that didn't harm the environment or our health. We wanted to create sustainable eco-friendly candles using recyclable and reusable materials, phthalate and paraben free ingredients and a natural eco-friendly wax 🌱.

While we've worked so hard to achieve this, we felt that there was more we could be doing to help the environment and reverse the damage of paraffin and soy production and other harmful activities. 



We're very excited to be working with Ecologi, who have partnered with Eden Reforestation, to plant a tree with every order placed 🌍. The trees are planted in a site 1,354 hectares large in Madagascar, which had previously been degraded by charcoal production. 


Mangrove Trees


Not only will around a million new mangrove trees be planted there every year, but it also provides employment for many local families living in extreme poverty. The local villagers are provided with alternative fuel sources such as solar parabolic stoves which reduced or eliminates their dependence on charcoal. As the local villagers plant the trees themselves they have a sense of ownership over their forest which also provides them with improved farming and cleaner water.

Why mangrove trees tree?

Over 11,000 scientists declared a climate emergency in 2019 and had singled out mangrove trees as a solution because they store around four times as much carbon as other trees. Not only this, but three quarters of all tropical fish are born among their roots 🐟. 

As mangrove trees are planted in wetland it also means that forest fires seldom pose a danger.


Planting Trees

What about the workers?

As well as charcoal production and other activities that cause deforestation, often the local people are forced to cut down their forests to earn an income and feed their families. By providing them with a consistent income and removing this need it encourages economic growth to poverty stricken areas. 

The workers are paid at least minimum wage for a full months work, even if they only work a number of those days. This means that if there is poor weather conditions or other problems that prevent them from working, they will still be paid their full wage regardless. They're also provided with a full paid month off work per year. 

For the majority of the local workers, this project provides them with freedom from unfair working conditions, the ability to provide for their families and send their children to school, the chance to start micro enterprises and save for the future.

The local people must also agree to the project with permission from the owners of the indigenous land 👍. 


Tree Planting


Anything else?

A minimum of 10% of the trees planted are fruit, fodder and construction species designed to provide food and benefit the local people. The species of trees planted are native to Madagascar to ensure it's a responsible reforestation project. 

We're so excited to be contributing to this brilliant project and look forward to watching our forest grow.

Cameron & Annabel

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