About Us

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Our sense of smell is the most powerful sense we humans possess. 

It has the remarkable ability to transport us to any time and place on Earth.

But we believe its most powerful skill is to take us back to our favourite and most treasured memories.

It could be as small as a passing hint of a stranger's perfume that reminds you of home, or the smell of the ocean breeze that takes you back to childhood holidays.

This is why we’re passionate about making incredible candles.


Rhubarb & Blackberry candle

Set on the picturesque Norfolk coast in England, we founded Pascoe Candles because we wanted to create quality, no-nonsense, sustainable candles that not only looked elegant in any space but were scented with the most beautiful fragrances which evoked opulence.

We began experimenting with fragrance back in 2019 and launched Pascoe Candles in 2020, hand making each and every candle in our home on Pascoe Drive.

We undertook everything ourselves from designing and labelling our jars to finding the best ingredients, creating our own website, and producing a fragrance line that we felt had something for everyone and every season.


Candle Making


We care for each of our candles and we care about the ingredients we put in them.

When we were initially designing and creating our candles, we wanted to put every effort into being as eco-conscious as possible, because we’re passionate about preserving the environment. 

Here’s a list of all the ways in which we’ve done this:

  • We use a vegan-friendly and paraben-free rapeseed and coconut wax which has a long burn time and is able to deliver a strong fragrance.
  • Our fragrances are free from nasties & sourced from the UK
  • Our labels include vegan ink and glue
  • Our jars can be washed and re-purposed
  • We use cotton-core wicks
  • All of our packaging is plastic-free
  • 1 tree is planted with every order
  • Each candle is free from paraffin, soy, palm, and beeswax
  • There are no animal derived ingredients in our products, making them vegan-friendly
  • All of our supplies and ingredients are sourced from UK based suppliers



    We invite you to take a look around, browse our library of products and fragrance, and if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to leave us a message.